Friday, November 16, 2012

Heartburn, another result of factory farming!

A recent article in health news states that Heartburn is on the rise and scientists don't know why, but once again I see a clear connection between factory farming and chronic diseases and disorders such as heartburn.

In the natural healing world heartburn is treated in two ways; long term through diet and short term affects with acid.  Yes you heard correctly, contrary to popular western medical beliefs reducing the acid in the gut is often the exact opposite of what should be done.  Many times HCL pills and or an apple cider vinegar regimen will be prescribed by N.D.'s, which is an exact contradiction to the M.D. treatment consisting of pharmaceuticals, either prescription or over the counter antacid of some sort.

Why such polar opposite treatments?

As I've mentioned many times before our countries medical field is greatly influenced by those companies that run our factory farmed food industry, and conveniently enough have a great stake in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Heartburn is a direct result of the unbalanced and compromised (inflamed) gut of the typical unhealthy American consuming a factory farmed based diet of processed foods, soda and candy, grains and grain derived additives.  These foods cause inflammation, disrupt stomach pH, and inhibit instead of promote healthy gut flora. 

Whether you consider yourself a healthy eater or not, if your diet consists of more than 20% processed foods (ideally 10% or less) you are consuming large amounts of sugar (both artificial and refined) as well as grain based.  It's important to remember that to the human body grains are essentially glucose (sugar), and should be consumed in very limited quantities and all gluten free!  Just like the harmful artificial and refined sugars, grains despite their nutrient content will ultimately cause undesirable spikes in blood sugar.  Over time the body becomes insulin resistant resulting in type 2 and *type 3 diabetes (*Alzheimer's).

The mass production of these destructive annual monocrops ultimately affects every human that does not consciously and actively avoid this lifestyle.  And these negative harmful effects come at you from all sides whether obvious or not.
  1. These non-organic annual monocrops (corn, soy, wheat, etc.) require heavy doses of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers in order to grow in such nutrient depleted soil.  These deadly chemicals yield a nutrient lacking and toxic food for all those that consume it, and studies show high doses found in the end product and as a result within the body (human or animal).
  2. All factory farm based (grocery store bought) meats, eggs, and dairy come from unhealthy animals fed a diet consisting mainly of grains (and soy).  This is an omega-6 rich diet, as opposed to an omega-3 rich diet (grass), and promotes inflammation within the body.
  3. The overabundance in stock of these government subsidized crops results in the mass production of unhealthy toxic grain based food additives used to enhance flavor, add color, add synthetic nutrients, as isolated artificial sugars, and whatever else these creative scientists can come up with.
  4.  Pharmaceutical companies are tied to these same chemical companies that profit so heavily from factory farming; Monsanto, Dow Chemical, BASF, Bayer, etc.
  5. Current and future medical and biochemical research is heavily funded and influenced at the university level by these same chemical companies (Monsanto, Dow Chemical, BASF, Bayer, etc.).
  6. All government agencies with the purpose of regulating our food industry (FDA, Dept. of Agriculture, etc.) have had and continue to have an "open door policy" at the upper level with their high level employees.
So what can we do to prevent this?
  • Support your local organic sustainable farmers
  • Eat only organic pastured meats, eggs, and dairy
  • Limit the consumption of processed foods
  • Buy only Organic Non-GMO foods 
  • Find a reputable N.D. in your area 
  • Prevent disease with a healthy diet and lifestyle instead of relying heavily on the pharmaceutical industry
  • Stay educated and don't leave your health to someone who's ultimately tied to the very industry that is poisoning you.

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