Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Don't believe "Heart Healthy" advertising!

I read an article in today's health news titled "Healthy hearts may still have disease risk" and I believe this only further supports the fact that American Heart Association's idea of a "heart health" diet is anything but!

Heart disease is not some naturally occurring inevitable disease that will eventually strike with age... No disease is!  Heart disease especially, like diabetes, Alzheimer's (which has been dubbed type 3 diabetes), or any chronic inflammatory disease, is diet dependent.  And unfortunately what is perceived as a healthy diet in fact causes inflammation and ultimately disease.

Sugar is of course a major culprit in the American diet, responsible for many many diseases, especially the simple refined and or artificial sugars that are so heavily a part of processed foods and soft drinks.  But typically there is a noticeable disparity between total sugar intake amongst those people that are perceived as "healthy" compared to those who are not. 

Grains however are big part of either diet, and one of the biggest disease causing culprits in the American diet. Grains are difficult for the body to properly digest, whether your consuming refined white flour or that labeled "whole grain".  They disrupt healthy gut flora causing inflammation throughout the body as well as severely compromising the intestinal walls (your immune system).  Possibly worst of all though are the effects grain consumption has on insulin receptors within the body.  It is important to realize that grains are essentially glucose (sugar) to the body and as you know diets high in sugar cause abnormal spikes in blood sugar levels.  The body releases insulin naturally, in response to blood sugar, and its these constant insulin overloads overtime that impair the body's normal insulin production ultimately leading to insulin resistance (type 2 diabetes).

So why then do most health practitioners as well as nutritionists promote whole grains as part of a healthy diet? 

The answer simply brings us back to the same reoccurring theme; factory/industrial farming and those companies that support and depend upon it, control our countries food system, heavily influence our medical research and industry, and control the FDA's decision and policy making due to the "revolving door" between those that rule the food industry and those that are supposed to watch over and control it.

Knowledge is your best defense!  Keep yourself informed and take it upon yourself to change. 
Support your local organic sustainable farms as well as organic non-GMO!

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