Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why studies on vitamin D are dangerously misleading

Most all of the 'published' studies, primarily those with the agenda to debunk health claims regarding the benefits of vitamin D have one very crucial flaw in common, the study's participants are always given vitamin D orally via supplements.

There are two major problems with this:

  1. The most effective, efficient, and natural source of Vitamin D is from sun exposure through the skin.  UVB rays from the sun triggers your body's natural production of vitamin D.
  2. Any dietary source of vitamin D should come from a whole food source such as cod liver oil, wild caught fish, and organic pastured eggs and raw milk, and not via the synthetically derived form found in supplements and processed foods.
 So why is it all of these studies fail to include any of these sources of vitamin D?

The answer is easy, and scary at the same time... scary because it's another example of how our medical industry is influenced by our unhealthy food and pharmaceutical industries.

First let's take a look at the pharmaceutical industry's role in these false claims.  How else could you explain the obvious conspiracy (for lack of a better word) against the sun?

Who in their right mind would have the audacity to even suggest that with the 80+ million years that the evolution of  primates has under its belt, nature has had it wrong from day one.  Maybe instead of selfishly focusing on the development and honing of cognitive skills as well as the development of opposable thumbs nature should have better focused its evolutionary energy on developing a good quality sunscreen.

The truth is sunscreen causes cancer not the sun, but since we cannot patent the sun (yet) it becomes more profitable to create a worldwide scare against that big orange ball of fire and then swoop in to save the day with a miracle cream or spray that will protect you from those evil rays... Don't believe the hype!

Now let's take a look at our food industry and their role in all of this.  If the food industry were to admit that a lack of vitamin D via sun exposure had any negative affect on their product, the entire factory farming industry would come tumbling down.  There simply is no place for a green lush pasture within the walls (and roof) of factory farming.  I mean what would Purdue or Tyson do if they had to actually fess and come clean, admitting to their poor abused sickly flocks of poultry that daylight really does exist and that it wasn't just a rumor started by a bunch of cackling hens... pun intended. 

The truth is pastured poultry (layers and broilers) as well as pastured cows and pigs result in healthier animals due to sun exposure.  Of course daily access to natural healthy forage such as omega-3 rich grasses and herbs also plays a large role, but since both really go hand-in-hand we will consider them one in the same.  And you cannot deny the fact that organic pastured eggs and raw milk are naturally higher in vitamin D then their factory farmed counterpart.  A fact that factory farming and our food industry would rather you not focus on.  Why do you think store bought eggs and milk are fortified with (synthetic) vitamin D?  Maybe because the animal they came from lacked Mother Nature's number one source... The SUN!

Ultimately though the choice is yours; hide from the sun and sport that "I wish I was a vampire look" or embrace the sun (in a safe manner) and get your vitamin D the way nature intended.

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  1. Haha on patenting the sun (yet). Someone will find a way with help from their friends in Congress.


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