Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Reduced allergy milk? Bad News!

When I read an article in today's health news titled, "Cow named Daisy makes reduced allergy milk", only one thing comes to mind; once again man is meddling where he shouldn't be.

Cows produce milk, like all female mammals, for one reason and one reason only, to feed their young.  This milk, regardless of what mammal it comes from, is packed with nutrients designed to nourish and strengthen, as well as healthy bacteria and digestive enzymes designed to aid in digestion and maintain a healthy gut (immune system).  We humans have decided for one reason or another that feeding our young the milk of another lactating mammal (cow) instead of that of its mother (human) is the better (healthy) or a more socially excepted choice...

Each mammal produces milk specific to the needs and requirements of their own offspring.  And although 'Raw Pastured' cow's milk may be an extremely healthy nutrient rich alternative, the corn-fed hormone induced antibiotic rich variety found at your local food store is anything but.  Add to that it's lack of healthy living bacteria of any kind due to pasteurization and irradiation, and what you are left with is 'more harm than good!

Studies have shown that the healthy 'living' (key word here) bacteria present in raw milk aids in the digestion of its proteins.  Therefore it's not the milk per say that is the cause of one of the most common food allergies in humans (dairy allergy) but rather the over consumption of the commercially sold 'dead milk' that we so quickly and willingly subject our young to.  All commercially sold dairy products lack nutrients as well as the necessary digestive bacteria that would render it healthy.

Instead what you have is a highly allergenic protein with some fortified vitamins and minerals, and a lifetime's worth of hormones and antibiotics in every glassful.

So it's your choice as to what you are going to feed your children (pre solid foods), but keep in mind that commercially sold cow dairy products should not be an option, even if they are of the "reduced allergy" kind... sorry Daisy!

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