Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tumeric, A Must for Every Diet!

I came across this article in today's health news, Turmeric may protect heart after surgery, and couldn't resist...

For some time now I have known of, sang the praises of, and have regularly consumed one of nature's true super foods... Turmeric!

I have heard this root pronounced a dozen different ways, but no matter how you slice it one thing remains a constant; its incredible anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-cancer, anti-disease properties!

I first got hooked on this super root/spice about 6 years ago when I attended a lecture by Dr. Michael Murray a well know authority in the field of natural medicine and the author of many bestselling books such as "Healing Foods" and "Natural Medicine" to name a few. He talked about a particular indigenous tribe in India who consumed turmeric as a staple (the core) of their diet. And although many of the surrounding cultures in this region still incorporate this root in their diet, it was no longer the staple it once was prior to the invasion of a more "westernized" diet. One of the remarkable findings was that brain cancer amongst these people was non-existent, despite its presence in the neighboring communities. When the bodies of deceased members of this tribe were autopsied they found that the brains were stained orange/yellow in color, the same color in fact as curcumins (the yellowish pigment in turmeric that gives it its color). The conclusion drawn was that their consumption of turmeric is the reason for the absence of cancer amongst the people.

Since that day (6 years or so ago) my diet has changed and evolved many times over as I've learned more about what it truly means to eat healthy. About the importance of avoiding foods that promote inflammation and consuming those that inhibit it. And amongst all the changes one food has remained a constant in my diet; turmeric. It's anti-inflammation, anti-cancer, anti-disease properties fit my idea of the perfect diet to a 't'. Whether it's on my eggs in the morning or in my self-concocted 'health' shake that I have every day, I consume about 4+ teaspoons of it.

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  1. Hey Mike
    How bout a post on your shake recipe?
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