Monday, October 3, 2011

Why Knowing Is So Important

When I read headlines like the one I read today; "Flood of food imported to U.S., but only 2% inspected", it makes me really appreciate the local organic sustainable farmers that my wife and I so passionately support. If a headline like that doesn't scare you then how about...

"In 2010, FDA inspectors physically examined 2.06 percent of all food-related imports. The FDA expects only 1.59 percent of all food imports to be examined this year and even less — only 1.47 percent — next year, according to its Office of Regulatory Affairs."

Knowing where your food comes from is more important than ever, especially in today's world where our nation's food industry creates such an enormous disconnect between what the Average American eats and where its journey began. And it's this "overly processed food" world we live in where large multinational corporations and industrial farming have taken the place of small local farms, that have given rise to such occupations as "food scientist" while nearly eliminating the need for the local farmer.

I am not saying that everyone should hunt and gather their own food, although what a culture shock that would be, but rather simply making an effort to know who is growing the crops and raising the animals that eventually make their way to your plate will go a long way in reshaping our broken food industry. Demanding healthy food grown and raised in a healthy sustainable manor from a local farm whose better interests lie with their community and the land they live off of, rather than just turning a blind eye to a damaging unhealthy problem that is only getting worse is the best thing we can do to make a difference.

Support your local organic sustainable farms!

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