Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Food Allergy or an Allergy to our Food Industry?

Being a sufferer of food allergies (soy and dairy) and learning what I have since my diagnosis about diet, health, and our food system as a whole, I have come to believe the root of the allergy may have more to do with the "human element" and less to do with the food itself...

For instance take dairy allergies; there is a belief out there by some that grass fed unpasteurized milk is the only form of milk we should be drinking. So the question becomes, is it milk (or dairy products) people are allergic to or the pasteurization of corn fed antibiotic/hormone induced milk for which industrial farming produces that is wreaking havoc on the digestive systems of millions of people?

How about wheat or gluten allergies? There is a growing belief that GMO (genetically modified) grains as well as all of the chemistry that goes into the prepackaged overly processed garbage (for lack of a better word) that lines the shelves at the grocery store claiming to be "healthy sources of whole wheat" have more to do with this growing allergy than the wheat itself.

Does it make more sense that this every growing food allergy epidemic effecting millions of Americans is caused by the countless varieties of organic non-GMO foods provided by nature that the hundreds of thousands of years of evolution have allowed modern man to become adapted to?

Or would it be more logical to believe that food allergies have more (if not all) to do with the influence man has had, let's say since the 20th century, on our food industry in the form of industrialized farming, processing, and genetically modifying nature's bounty into whatever shape, color, taste, consistency, or DNA structure all together for the sole purpose of aiding the food manufacturer as it profits from this countries broken food system?

To me the answer seems obvious.

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