Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fight the Summer burn with Wine!

I think this is a great article; "Drink wine, don't get sunburned", giving a great example of how nature can provide us with what we need to stay healthy, but I would like to add a bit a caution to this fairytale "drink for your health" belief.

I am a true believer in the powerful health benefits of fermented foods. They often have more nutrients then their un-fermented counterparts, so why should wine be any different?

My only advice is to go organic if it's the health benefits you're are looking for! With the wine industry as large as it is grapes have become a highly sprayed crop (pesticides that is), and that means if the wine you buy is not organic then you are probably doing more harm to your body then good. Another reason why you should make your choice of wines a healthy one, is most all of the big wineries add sugar to their wine during the fermenting process; the white refined extremely unhealthy kind of sugar that is, and we all know what that does to our health... not to mention your head the next day (hangovers)!

My wife and I buy our wine form a local organic winery, and the only sugar in their wine is from the grapes themselves. The wine tastes great and is reasonably priced!

Now I don't expect everyone to start going out and buying organic wine, but I would like to drive an important point home. Don't depend on non-organic foods (or drinks) for their many health benefits, because the unhealthy unwanted effects due to chemicals in these non-organic foods and drinks surely outnumber the many healthy qualities of the food itself.

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