Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Don't be Fooled by Fluoride!

Since the 1940's the United States has been adding fluoride to the public drinking water supplies in an effort to "help prevent tooth decay", but a growing body of research is quickly debunking this fluoride myth.

I have read about the harmfulness of fluoride a number of times in various natural healing type books, but an article (and short video) that I recently came across on the internet has put any bit of doubt that may have still existed to rest for good!

The article "The bone destroying daily drink fooling millions of Americans" really drives home the point that ingesting fluoride not only does not help prevent tooth decay, but is slowly yet effectively poisoning those who ingest it. And it's not just the municipal water that's delivering this harmful neurotoxin; it's in any drink or food that is made from drinking water, as well as in anything made from non-organic fruits, vegetables, and other foods due to the fluoride in the pesticides they are sprayed with. The list doesn't end there though; it's in mechanically deboned meats, soy baby formula, processed cereals... The question really becomes what isn't it in? Or worse yet, what is all this fluoride doing to your body?

The scary truth is that this excessive consumption of fluoride is not only damaging your teeth and bones, but surprisingly enough will damage internal organs as well, including the brain!

Now if that doesn't make you angry enough how about the fact that despite what most dentists probably believe, the fluoride in our drinking water does not come from sodium fluoride but rather hydrofluoric salicylic acid; a byproduct of the phosphate fertilizer industry. They capture this poisonous byproduct during refinery and "clean it" turning it into hexafluorosilicic acid, and that is what is used to fluoridate our water.

I urge you to research this on your own and do what you can to stop this mass poisoning that the government allows! Use fluoride free toothpastes and mouth wash, eat organic locally grown fruits and vegetables, eat organic grass fed meats, poultry, and eggs, limit your fluoride intake as much as possible (stop entirely if you can), and urge your government to stop fluoridating (poisoning) our water!

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