Thursday, July 28, 2011

Detox Your Life

A headline in today's health news reads "8 easy ways to detox your life for better health" and I must say this is a long overdue topic to hit mainstream news.

It's not just cancer causing chemicals in our food that is affecting our society, it's the tons of chemicals that are in some of the everyday products that fill our homes and our lives that is slowly (but surely) killing us!

A piece of advice I read in a book once stated that "you should never put anything on your body or in your mouth that you wouldn't ingest", and although I took this statement lightly at first it has become a creed for which I do my best to consciously live by. But the impending danger goes beyond cosmetic and hygiene products.

We as a society have become too comfortable with the belief that if something doesn't have a warning label on it, it must be safe, when in reality many of the products (better yet smells) that we associate with "new" and "clean" are in fact carcinogenic. Case in point that new car smell you love, or the smell of new leather, or the smell of fresh dry cleaning, or the smell of any of the mainstream household cleaning products including air fresheners!

Needless to say stumbling across this article was a pleasant surprise. One note though, in the authors 5th (of 8) "easy ways to detox..." I think she should concentrate less on the wrappers and containers that fast food or takeout comes in, and focus more on the food itself. It's these quick and cheap meals that are doing more damage health wise than the wrappers (or containers) they come in will ever do.

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