Monday, July 22, 2013

Sustainability is more than a way of life

Its a state of mind!  Or at least that's how it feels when your surrounded by people that support this philosophy of working with nature and giving back more than you take.  My wife and I do our best to live our lives by this belief, and supporting small local farms and businesses that do the same is our way of doing our part.  Sure we have a flock of backyard laying hens and a medium sized garden that allows us to experience these organic sustainable practices first hand, but with barely an acre and a quarter we can only do so much.  And that's where being a patron to others that have the means to do more comes into play. 

When you can say you know (personally) those who raised the meat that you eat, or the fruits and vegetables at the farm stand that you enjoy fresh or canned, or the wine that pairs perfectly with dinner, or the coffee that gets you going in the morning; it's an amazing and rewarding feeling! 

Some people have to travel half way around the world to some remote location to reach that state of mind that they so desire, but for me its merely a car drive away!  Be it around the corner or less then a half day's drive, its equally rewarding knowing that your supporting (and of course enjoying) the fruits of someone's labor that has taken the time to do it right.

Be a proud supporter and patron your local organic farms and businesses!

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