Monday, August 13, 2012

Joel Salatin and the Future of Food

Watch this interview between Dr. Mercola and the leading pioneer in sustainable farming, Joel Salatin, as they discuss the future of our food and the importance of a locally based systems, in contrast to the larger industrialized factory system that is currently failing both people and environment alike on a global scale.

We can make a difference in changing our failing food system simply by being proactive when choosing where our food comes from. 

Choose Locally Grown Sustainably farmed over factory made and factory farmed.

Choose Pastured meats and dairy over feedlot and grain fed.

Choose Organic non-GMO over its chemically fertilized herbicide sprayed round-up ready counterpart.

It doesn't take an executive order by the President or an act of Congress or even a bill to be passed in order to make a difference, the only tool we as the consumer need to change the future of our food is the power and freedom of choice!

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