Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Use 'Diet' as a noun not a verb!

If your question is what's the best way to diet in order to lose weight, then my answer is stop using 'diet' as a verb! I know this sounds like an odd way to answer the question, but when diet is used as a verb it might as well be preceded by the word 'fad' and followed by the inevitable and unavoidable sad ending of gaining more weight than you will ever loose... I guess my real answer then is don't diet to lose weight, instead maintain a healthy diet and you will maintain a healthy weight.

Most all diets fail for three main reasons:
  1. Those "dieting" use the word diet as an ugly verb, dreading the entire process, impatiently waiting for it to be over so then can go back to their normal unhealthy lifestyle. People don't want to change their ways, only their appearance, but at little or no effort from them... this is why diet pills are so popular. Popping pills is a lazy, effortless, unhealthy and unsuccessful solution to a simply problem; an unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy diet.
  2. Those "dieting" put an unnatural unobtainable label on what it is they are trying to achieve. We must first come to the realization that a healthy diet will lead to a healthy lifestyle (consisting of daily exercise of some kind), which will inevitably lead to a healthy you. If you are truly healthy then your healthy weight will follow. The important thing to remember here is your healthy weight may not be someone else's. The best example of this would be to compare someone form an indigenous tribe (not infected by western civilization) from any warm or tropical climate with someone from an indigenous tribe (once again not infected by western civilization) from an arctic climate. Those from the warmer tropical climate will be naturally thinner than their subzero counterparts, but not healthier. Research preformed on both types of indigenous tribes, over the past say 70 to 100 years, shows indisputably that both are far healthier than any western (or more modern) civilization, with no recorded incidence of the many diseases that go along with our unhealthy lifestyles. Their weight is not a factor.
  3. All fad diets are simply unhealthy! Even the low carb diets, which might actually have been derived from good healthy accurate intentions, are in my opinion not healthy. I say this because many of them encourage the removal or drastic reduction in the consumption of not only grains and legumes, but many fruits and some vegetables as well. As I've indicated in previous posts, a healthy diet is one that inhibits inflammation (the root cause of all diseases) and promotes a healthy gut. The former requires the removal, or at the very least a drastic reduction, of any food that promotes inflammation, and based on the research this means grains and legumes as well as factory farmed meats (those that are fed corn and soy). Although some root vegetables such as the modern hybridized potato, which can cause some of the same unhealthy conditions within the body as it tries to efficiently digest and metabolize, should be either reduced in their level of consumption or prepared differently. This leads us to the second condition of a healthy diet; one that promotes a healthy gut. Promoting a healthy gut requires regular consumption of and maintaining a healthy environment for healthy flora to flourish, and this can be achieved with fermentation. Fermenting foods not only eliminates anti-nutrients, but also increases the level of nutrients in the food as well as adds a healthy dose of friendly bacteria.

Live healthy and happy!

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