Monday, December 5, 2011

Ignorance is Bliss

My blog is my soapbox, the outlet I choose to use when "preaching" about a way of life that I feel so passionately about... One where our food is obtained locally from organic sustainable farms. One where there is absolute transparency in our food industry from farm to table; you've visited the farms, you know the farmers, and you've seen the animals. In this scenario there is nothing to hide!

A healthy lifestyle is a choice you must make, but first you must be willing and ready to know the cruel unhealthy truth about the food you eat. And I'm not only talking about the obvious unhealthy diet of fast foods, junk food, sodas, etc., but also the non-organic produce and processed foods that make up more than 90% of your local grocery store. Most if not all of these so called healthy foods be it fresh produce or packaged goods are GMO's that contain enough cancer causing chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, waxes, food colorings, fillers and binders, preservatives) to alarm even the most naive shopper. And let's not forget about the handful of cancer causing chemicals our government allows "in trace amounts" in packaged foods that DO NOT have to be listed in the ingredients!

The truth is what you don't know can hurt you, and you can bet it already is!

Do the research and learn about the food you are eating.

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