Friday, September 23, 2011

Human Waste as Fertilizer????

I saw something about this some time ago, I believe it was on the Discovery channel but I'm not sure; "Human Waste used as Fertilizer". It was about a company in the U.S. that has found a use for something we Americans produce in mind boggling numbers... human waste. The more you research this subject the more instances you find; most of which are in developing countries, but not all. This particular family owned and operated company (the one I saw on tv) was in my opinion using today's increasingly popular "go green and recycle" creed to a disturbing extreme.

With what I've learned about sustainable organic farming, or as Joel Salatin likes to say "beyond organic", manure used for fertilizer must come from those herbivores and ruminants feeding on grass (cows, sheep, etc.) and or those foraging behind these grass eating creatures of this world (such as chickens), not people! Now I'm not a highly educated researcher in this field, but with a little common sense I think it becomes very apparent that what comes out of one end is a product of what goes in the other...

Americans as a whole ingest more toxic chemicals, be it pharmaceuticals, pollutants, pesticides, or the dozens of other chemicals our government allows in non-organic processed foods, so who in their right mind would think that using this as a fertilizer is a good idea? Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other inflammatory diseases and disorders plague our society in epidemic proportions, all of which can be blamed in one way or another on the typical American diet.

If what we are eating is killing us, then why would our waste make for good fertilizer?

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