Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Do Your Homework!

There is tons of nutritional and health advice flying around within that great abyss we call the Internet, enough so that the uneducated person can be lead terribly astray with detrimental results. I have seen some crazy claims of what is or isn't healthy, be it the latest fad diet or the latest super food or the latest piece of (for lack of a better word) propaganda started by those who are simply blind to the selfish greedy intentions of corporations (large and small) that orchestrate our food industry as we know it.

Why do I bring this up you ask?

Today I found this comment posted by someone on one of the many health blogs/groups that I follow...

"Turns out cholesterol may not be as much an issue as we've been taught. Instead, the underlying inflammation may be the problem. Eliminate grains, sugars and processed foods."

The fact is there is truth to the claim that "inflammation" may be the underlying problem behind the over exaggerated high cholesterol scare, I've read many articles connecting the dots between inflammation with the body and many of the major health issues people face, but the problem is in the advice and to follow it would no doubt be counterproductive (health wise). To say "Eliminate sugars and processed foods" from our diet is good sense although I would elaborate regarding the sugar by saying simple sugars, since there are a number of healthy natural complex sugars (black-strap molasses, raw honey, pure maple syrup, etc.), but to say eliminate grains from our diet is so preposterous that it questions the validity of an otherwise informative comment.

The truth is complex carbohydrates such as organic natural whole grains, that is minimally processed with the endosperm layer still attached, is not only arguably the healthiest thing you can feed your body but is proven to lower cholesterol.

So do yourself and your health a favor and do your homework when it comes to information you pick up on the internet... even mine!

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