Thursday, April 1, 2010

Who's your primary care physician?

If you're like most Americans than your primary care physician is most likely one of the many listed doctors that happens to be "in-network" as well as has a practice somewhere within reasonable driving distance from your home. Or maybe if you're a little pickier than that, than you possibly go with some doctor you feel comfortable with, regardless of whether or not they participate in your insurance network or the location of their practice for that matter, but either way most likely it's a medical doctor.

And if that sounds like you, then you should know the following...

In the second half of 09 Pfizer gave doctors $35 million to basically push their product, and that's only one account of this common practice by any of the countless pharmaceutical companies out there.

Oh but it's not just the medical community that these drug companies have in their pockets, how about a government that pushed the notion of a "Swine Flu pandemic" like it was the apocalypse, hoping to get every American (young and old) to get vaccinated. They were so sure that now Millions of H1N1 vaccine doses may be tossed, that's millions in taxpayers' dollars wasted because less than half the amount of doses bought have been administered. It's so disturbing and suspect that a "Group of outside experts" will examine if the swine flu was a pandemic after all.

These are the same pharmaceutical companies that create countless drugs every year only to find out the hard way (at the patients expense) that these drugs do more damage than good. There are many examples of this, too many to list, but the latest goes something like this... Heart failure risk linked to prostate drug.

It doesn't appear there is any end in sight either, not when the federal government continues to spend millions on backing more drugs, and whether some study loosely proves they will work, Cholesterol drug safe for healthy people, or it's a bust, Blood pressure drugs no help for diabetes, one thing remains a constant and that is the government spending billions of dollars. Since it's taxpayers' money, we get poorer and the drug company's get richer.

So I guess the correct answer to "Who's your primary care physician?" is one of the many pharmaceutical reps out there working for any of the countless drug companies; because let's face it they appear to be calling the shots.

Don't leave your health in the hands of a drug company! Take control and find a less dangerous more effective path... the natural path.

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